Det norske has decided to have its head office in central Trondheim, on “Torvet”. “Torvet”, the old market square in Trondheim, has always been a meeting place for people in the city. We want it to be an experience to visit us at Føniks.

Føniks is one of the finest buildings in Trondheim, and we have tried to preserve this even on the inside. The building has an interesting story, a story we want to continue in our way.

Pictures of Det norske

When we set out an ambitious art program, it was natural to start with the beautiful and exciting thing that is around us in everyday life. In the city we are located, and in geology and seismology that we work with on a daily basis, and the technology that makes our common natural resources into value creation.

See our art catalog, with pictures of the decoration at Føniks. Comments from the artists only in Norwegian:

Art catalog Det norske (text in Norwegian)

Pictures, press for bigger: