Emergency preparedness

In its planning activities, Det norske shall strive to reduce risk as much as practically possible. All activities entail a certain risk of danger or accidents. Det norske has established an effective emergency response system. Det norske places great emphasis on developing its emergency response system for handling of undesirable incidents further.

Cooperation is the best emergency preparedness

KystlenserDet norske played a key role in the establishment of a joint emergency response centre in Sandnes, through the Norwegian Operators’ Association for Emergency Preparedness (OFFB). OFFB’s task is to manage and maintain a second- line emergency response system on behalf of the member companies. On behalf of the licensees in the licenses, the operator companies are responsible for ensuring that an effective emergency response system is in place at all times. OFFB forms an integral part of the members’ emergency response organization.

In addition to handling second-line emergency response for the companies, the centre contributes to the companies’ training and emergency response planning.

Link to OFFB: www.offb.no

Se a film describing how Det norske collaborate with OFFB in emergency preparedness below:

Oil-spill preparedness in Det norske

Det norske has established a well-organized and prepared oil-spill preparedness in the event of an incident. Emergency preparedness plans have been prepared for activities on a general basis, and for oil-spill preparedness particularly. Det norske has secured solid company-internal oil-spill preparedness competence. In addition, Det norske participates in external qualifying networks within oil-spill preparedness.

The Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies (NOFO) is specially trained to manage oil-spill response operations. Det norske has participated actively in NOFO since 2001. If Det norske were to be responsible for an oil spill, NOFO will assume a central role with regard to mitigation measures and oil-spill recovery at sea.

Link to NOFO: www.nofo.no