Norway, from south to north

This article originates from the news archive of Det norske.

9. May 2011

Three geology students from NTNU have completed the distance from Lindesnes to the North Cape and Thursday 21 April two of them reached the target.

Det norske has been a proud sponsor of the sporty boys on the road north and congratulates on well-conducted tour!

LindesnesThe trip was intended to last for 100 days for the 3 students and the start went 10.januar 2011 from Lindesnes. Unfortunately, a knee injury put a stop for Lars who had to break 23 January, but Andreas and Torstein went on the trip north with enthusiasm and joy.

“We have met many friendly people, experiencing a lot of great mountain areas and generally had a fantastic trip! There The Nort Capehave been many ups and downs along the way but in retrospect, both the positive and the negative will become good memories and valuable experiences! “

The picture shows Andreas and Torstein at The North Cape after 102 days travelling on foot or by ski.

The boys have updated their tour blog along with pictures and status that can be read through this link:

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