Alvheim Area

Another year with exceptional uptime and production re-sults has passed. Aker BP continues to mature new infill targets in the Alvheim area as well as removal of topside FPSO capacity bottlenecks. The award of new licenses in the area increases growth opportunities for the asset.


Alvheim delivered stable operations and a production of 54.4 thousand barrels per day in 2019, despite the fact that an incident with a mid-water arch led to a shutdown of pro-duction from the Vilje satellite and East Kameleon structure. In the meantime, the asset managed to maintain high pro-duction through optimized well management and gas lift utilization.

Aker BP mobilized a highly skilled team to solve the mid-water arch situation and get the systems up and running again. Re-pair and testing were performed through the third quarter, and normal production was reinstated in early October. The design weakness that was discovered on the mid-water arch has been rectified on all three arches to prevent similar incidents.

Work on the mid-water arch necessitated drilling the produc-tion well on the Skogul field in two phases. The first phase of the operation started early in the third quarter, was temporar-ily suspended and then resumed in the fourth quarter. Skogul started production in the first quarter of 2020.

In 2019, we delivered safe, reliable and cost-effective operations throughout the year. New wells were put on stream and a lot of work has gone into maturing new projects and developing the project portfolio.

Geir Westre Hjelmeland
VP Operations and Asset
Development Alvheim


The Frosk test well started producing in August and a pressure build-up test was later performed. The purpose was to gather valuable reservoir connectivity information which will help optimize overall development of the Frosk area.

The Frosk test production period was granted for six months, and an application to prolong this period has been approved by the authorities.

The Froskelår exploration well provided interesting reservoir insight, and multiple concepts for developing the Frosk and Froskelår area are now being assessed and matured.

Production 2019

m b o e p d (net)

Production Efficiency

97 %
Production start: 2008


Aker BP continues the company’s successful increased oil re-covery track record on Alvheim. The Volund sidetrack well was drilled and completed in 23 days, which is 12 days faster than planned. The well was put on stream in May and is producing according to expectations.

Several new infill wells are planned in the coming years. The first one is Kameleon Infill Mid Well, with expected drilling start in the first half of 2020. A sidetrack target, Boa, has been matured and drilling is targeted for the fourth quarter of 2020.

During 2019, Aker BP has continued to mature both the Kobra East Gekko and the Trell and Trine developments.


Aker BP has identified opportunities for both increased gas processing and water treatment capacity on Alvheim. A gas capacity debottlenecking project was sanctioned in January 2020. A stronger focus on prolonged lifetime of the FPSO and its subsea facilities is important and will enable development of both proven resources and potential future exploration success.

Aker BP was awarded new licenses in the Alvheim area by the Norwegian authorities in January 2020 and is planning to explore new opportunities in the coming years.

Highlights from 2019

  • March

    The Froskelår main exploration well proves oil and gas

  • May

    Volund sidetrack well starts production

  • June

    Frosk exploration well and test producer is drilled

  • June

    East Mid Water Arch incident discovered, leading to shut down from Vilje and East Kameleon

  • June

    Subsea structures and umbilical installed on the Skogul field

  • July

    Start drilling first phase of Skogul production well

  • August

    Frosk test starts production

  • August

    Rumpetroll well proves small gas discovery near the Bøyla field

  • October

    Re-start of production from Vilje and East Kameleon

  • November

    Continued drilling of production well on Skogul

  • December

    Kameleon infill well sanctioned