Ivar Aasen Area

In 2019, Ivar Aasen became the first manned platform on the Norwegian shelf to be operated from an onshore control room. As the year progressed, the rewards could be harvested in terms of improved collaboration between onshore and offshore, as well as increased production.


Production improvements have been important on Ivar Aasen this year, leading to efficient operations and increased production. Ivar Aasen continues to deliver world class per-formance of 92 percent production efficiency. This is expect-ed to improve even more from 2022, when the platform will receive power from shore via the Johan Sverdrup field.

Operating the Ivar Aasen platform from shore has proved successful. In the event of lost communication from onshore control room, the offshore control room takes over the op-eration. The regularity for the first year in operation has been 100 percent.

Aker BP sees a considerable potential for increased revenues after start-up of the onshore control room. The cooperation between the subsurface team and the onshore control room gives better understanding of reservoir complexity which is important to optimize and produce at maximum every day.

During start-up of new wells or after shutdowns, the subsur-face resources for the control room contributed to increased production and shared competence. In addition, the engineers are available for the control room just outside the door if assistance is required.

In January, we started to operate the Ivar Aasen platform from an onshore control room and that has been a success from day one. We have drilled two new production wells and continue to produce at plateau. The production goals for 2019 have been reached thanks to systematic work.

Gudmund Evju
VP Operation and Asset
Development Ivar Aasen


The first multilateral well on Ivar Aasen was successfully drilled in 2019, increasing production from the field. On a second well, the Fishbone Completion Technology was successfully used for the first time on Ivar Aasen.The two wells provided additional drainage points in the res-ervoir and were drilled with excellent performance. At the end of the year, Ivar Aasen had production from a total of nine oil producing wells supported by eight water injection wells.

Production 2019

m b o e p d (net)

Production Efficiency

92 %
Production start: 2016


Ivar Aasen is Aker BP’s digital pilot, where the company applies new technology to create the digital oil field of the future. Ivar Aas-en has a “digital twin” based on live data from the Cognite platform. This can be described as a digital replica of the plant, process and automation systems that shows how they interact. The technology reduces costs over a facility’s lifecycle through performance ana-lytics and optimization in the virtual environment. It also enables campaign-based maintenance supported by predictive algorithms.

All operators are equipped with personal digital devices, which enables easy communication and paperless access to technical documentation as well as live equipment data. The handheld devices make the work more efficient, more productive and safer.

The Ivar Aasen team continues to work for improved effi-ciency and reduced emissions. At the end of the year, a new measure was tested. By shutting down the compressor for periods without having a negative effect on the production, the power consumption is reduced. The test was successful, giving reduced CO2 emissions which had a positive impact on revenue and reduced operating costs.


During 2019, Aker BP has worked persistently on maturing the Hanz discovery. Aker BP has also acquired a 40 percent inter-est in a nearby exploration license, PL 780, operated by Spirit Energy. Other near-field exploration campaigns are anticipated in the coming years, targeting possible tie-backs to Ivar Aasen.

Highlights from 2019

  • 16 January

    Starter styring av Ivar Aasen fra Aker BPs kontorer i Trondheim, og blir det første selskapet på norsk sokkel som styrer en bemannet plattform fra et kontrollrom på land.

  • 20 June

    Start of production from first Ivar Aasen well with Fishbone Stimulation Technology

  • 6 September

    Acquired 40 percent ownership in nearby license PL 780 operated by Spirit Energy

  • 26 September

    Start of production from first multilateral well on Ivar Aasen