Corporate Assembly – Election of members to the Board of Directors

This article originates from the news archive of Det norske.

21. March 2014

As per decision of the Corporate Assembly of Det norske oljeselskap ASA, Tom Røtjer has been re-elected as member of the Board of Directors and Gro Kielland has been elected as new member of the Board of Directors in replacement of Maria Moræus Hanssen, who resigned from the Board of Directors in the autumn of 2013.

Gro KiellandGro Kielland (born 1959) has a Master of Science degree as engineer from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Kielland has had a number of leading positions in the oil and gas industry both in Norway and abroad, among others as CEO of BP Norway. Kielland is a Norwegian citizen.

Of the board members elected by the employees of the company, all members were up for election, and the following persons were elected as employee elected members of the Board of Directors:

Kristin Gjertsen (employee)
Gudmund Evju (employee)
Inge Sundet (employee)

Terje Solheim (employee, 1st substitute)
Tormod Førland (employee, 2nd substitute)
Camillla Oftebro (employee, 3rd substitute)

Inge Sundet and Terje Solheim were elected for one year. The other members of the Board of Directors were elected for two years.