Det norske a winner in the Licensing Round

This article originates from the news archive of Det norske.

18. December 2008

Det norske oljeselskap emerged as a winner in the Awards in Predefined Areas
(APA) 2008 licensing round. Following this award, Det norske has ownership in 46 licenses and is operator for 26 licenses.

As many as 47 companies applied for acreage in the APA 2008 round.

In total, Norwegian authorities have offered 34 licenses to 40 companies, with 19 companies being offered a role as operator.

Det norske has been offered ownership in seven licenses, and the role as operator in five of these.

VP Exploration Tom Bugge is pleased with the result  of the APA 2008. Photo: Tone Hagh

VP Exploration Tom Bugge is pleased with the result of the APA 2008. Photo: Tone Hagh

Vice President Exploration in Det norske, Tom Bugge, is very pleased with this result.

-The offer is in line with what we applied for. This will strengthen our position in the Jotun- area, the southern North Sea and in the Norwegian Sea. I see this as a declaration of confidence in the work we do. Based on this, we can further develop Det norske as the most aggressive explorer on the Norwegian shelf. Frankly, I am overwhelmed by the positive reaction we have received for our application.

The license offers include two commitment wells. In other licenses Det norske will perform initial work before any drilling decision is made.

Det norske awards

Det norske has the honor of being offered the operatorship in license number 500 on the Norwegian shelf. The ownership stake is 35%, with Skeie Energy and Spring Energy as partners. The license is located east of Draupne, where Det norske made a discovery this spring. This is a core area for the company.

In license 504, Det norske is offered the operatorship and a 58.5% stake. Petoro and Dana Petroleum are partners. This license is located close to the Jotun field.

Det norske is also offered a 30 percent stake and the operatorship in license 512, located south of Njord. Partners include Bayerngas Norge, Repsol Exploration and Svenska Petroleum Norway. Spanish major Repsol is now back on the Norwegian shelf in cooperation with Det norske.

In license 497, Det norske is offered a 35% stake, as well as the operatorship. Partners are Bridge Energy, Dana Petroleum and Lotos. The license is located in the southern part of the North Sea, northwest of Ula and close to PL 450, where Det norske is operator with a 75 percent holding.

Det norske has also been offered a 100% share in PL 332B, close to the Midgard field in the Norwegian Sea. Det norske is being offered 30% in PL 494. In this license Dana Petroleum has been offered the role as operator, with Bridge Energy as the second partner. The area is situated in the southernmost part of the North Sea, close to PL 356, where Det norske holds 100%.

Det norske is partner in license 502, with an 33.3% stake. StatoilHydro is offered the operatorship, with Petoro as partner. This license is located adjacent to the Ragnarrock discovery in PL 265.

Final awards will take place when the companies have accepted the offers.For a graphic presentation of the awards, click here.

About Det norske (DETNOR`):
Det norske is the second-largest operating company on the Norwegian Continental Shelf with 23 operatorship and interests in a total of 42 licenses (before the APA 2008). Det norske is the operator of the Frøy Field development and will also operate eight to nine exploration wells in the North Sea and Norwegian Sea during 2009. Det norske’s
scope of activities is limited to the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS).

Det norske currently employs a staff of more than 130, and the strong growth rate continues. The company`s registered office is located in Trondheim. The company also has offices in Oslo, Harstad, and Stavanger.