Det norske and Norsar signs research agreement

This article originates from the news archive of Det norske.

27. January 2016

Det norske and Norsar starts a new research collaboration. The purpose of the agreement is to obtain facts that can provide a continuous monitoring of the environment in the northern areas. In particular, how glaciers move, and how the areas responds to changes in the prevalence of ice.

Erik Holtar, head of research and development in Det Norske and Anne Lycke, CEO of Norsar

Erik Holtar, head of research and development in Det Norske and Anne Lycke, CEO of Norsar

Det norske will use the Norsar data to better understand the geological processes, identify weakness zones in the subsurface geology, and show when and where they are active as per today. If successful, this will provide a better opportunity to map the geology and provide a better understanding of where to locate oil and gas.

Norsar has a large network of earthquake monitoring stations that continuously collects data from the tectonics plates and the earth’s crust. Today these locations monitor all movements including signals from nuclear explosions.

Erik Holtar, head of research and development in Det Norske is pleased with the new agreement:

“We are very interested in data that can be used in new and different ways. This way we use our research funds to follow unconventional paths to reach the goal of a greater understanding of the subsurface. There is always a good reason for us to collect and process new data. This is how we can make advances within geology and geophysics.”

Anne Lycke, CEO of Norsar, is proud about the agreement with Det norske:

“We are proud that Det norske gives us the opportunity to develop new methods to support the decision making for Norwegian oil exploration and production. We look forward to further develop and expand the use of our seismic stations. We continually strive to use our solid expertise within seismology and analyzes. This is an exciting and new contribution in this work.”

Background: Norsar is an independent research institute with a specialty within research, services and software development related to seismology and applied geophysics. NORSAR is responsible for some of the world’s largest observation units concerning registration of earthquakes and explosions, and for more than 40 years supported the development of new methodology for processing and analysis of advanced seismological data.

NORSAR is the Norwegian data center (NDC) for monitoring the nuclear test ban treaty. This is a global system consisting of 321 monitoring stations in 89 countries, which are included in the test ban treaty.

Norsar: Anne Lycke: +47 97794966
Det norske: Erik Holtar: +47 97756528