Det norske gets 3.3 percent in the Dagny field

This article originates from the news archive of Det norske.

20. December 2012

Statoil has today, as operator for the Dagny field development, submitted a plan for development and operations to the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy.The Dagny resources extend into PL 029B, where Det norske is a partner. The company has entered into an agreement that provides Det norske with a 3.3 percent ownership share in the Dagny field. In addition to Statoil (operator) is Total partner in the field.

“Dagny is an important addition to our portfolio of field development projects and although the share may seem modest, we are participating in something big. Statoil has done an excellent job in maturing these resources into a new major field devleopment in the North Sea,” Det norske CEO Erik Haugane said.

Gross recoverable reserves from Dagny are estiamted at 225 million boe, adding approximately 7.5 million boe net to Det norske. Total investments are estimated at NOK 31 billion.

Dagny field. Illustration from Statoil

Tha Gina Krog field (former Dagny). Illustration from Statoil

First oil from Dagny is scheduled for first quarter 2017 and the field is expected to be in production until 2037. Dagny will be developed with a steel jacket platform and tied back to the Sleipner platform for gas export. The oil will be shipped by boat.

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