Honorary award to Haugane

This article originates from the news archive of Det norske.

24. January 2011

Erik Haugane, CEO in Det norske, has been awarded one of the oil industry’s highest awards, the NPF award. The award is a recognition of the effort made, and a stimulus for further work.

The jury’s arguments for giving Haugane the priceaward is that he is “one of few leaders of a Norwegian oil company that has positioned himself fearless in the public debate. In recent years, particularly related to how to ensure new developments “.

Haugane appreciate the priceaward”It is nice that many in the industry appreciate that someone from the industry is involved in the public debate, and I think it’s important that we are. The industry is unfortunately given far too little attention considering the importance of the industry. We are involved in an industry we have every reason to be proud of. I am convinced that the oil industry will be more proud of their future than the past.

Erik Haugane with the honorary award, a painting by the artist Marianne Heske

Erik Haugane with the honorary award, a painting by the artist Marianne Heske

The award is presented by the Norwegian Petroleum Society each year in conjunction to the seminar “Oljeindustripolitisk seminar”  in Sandefjord. Members of the Norwegian Petroleum Society are invited to nominate candidates for the award. NPF is a membership organization for people with an interest in Norwegian petroleum activities. The Association was established in 1972 and currently has about 4,000 members. A broad-based committee evaluates the nominees and selects a winner. This year’s committee consists of Chairman Egil Bergsagel from MoVa, with members among others  from Sjørfartsdirektoratet, Hammerfest kommune, Behind the News, and A/S Norske Shell.

The prize is awarded to a person or institution who, through their work or commitment has helped to put an issue that is important for the industry on the national agenda – as reflected in the jury’s reasons for giving Haugane the award “.. one of the few leaders of a Norwegian oil company, that fearlessly  has positioned himself in the public debate.”

In good company

As winner of the prize Haugane is in good company. Previous winners of the award, previously called Studiefondprisen:
2009 – Per Terje Vold, among other things for ” promoting the industry and its important position in Norway.”
2008 – The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate
2007 – Hans Henrik Ramm as an important premise supplier of oil policy issues for many years.
2006 – Kjell Inge Røkke for his longstanding commitment for Norwegian ownership in an industry that is increasingly global
2005 -> Johan Barlindhaug, Espen Barth Eide, Kjell Arne Oppebøen

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About Det norske:
Det norske is the second-largest operating company on the Norwegian Continental Shelf both considering number of operatorships, exploration- and drilling activity. The aggressive exploration program is the largest an independent Norwegian company has ever conducted on the NCS. Det norske runs its activities in a safe and responsible manner in close cooperation with the authorities. Det norske will in 2011 participate in over 10 drilling operations as partner or as operator.

Det norske currently employs a staff of around 200. The company`s registered office is located in Trondheim. The company also has offices in Oslo, Harstad, and Stavanger. Det norske is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (DETNOR).