Information and terms for invoicing

Organisational number

The invoice should be issued from the same organisational number as listed in the PO. If the invoices are to be paid to a factoring company, or another company within the same Group, this must be clearly stated at the invoice.

Terms of Payment

According to purchase order (PO)

PO number

  • The invoice must include a valid PO number issued by AkerBP
  • Invoiced PO line items should agree with the issued PO
  • The invoiced amount shall not exceed the corresponding amount on the PO

Guidelines for receipt of invoice

  • Hard copy invoices are not accepted
  • EHF format (preferred format)
    • The field Order Reference (Invoice/cac:OrderReference/cbc:ID in the XML file) shall be listed with a valid PO number provided by Aker BP. Please contact your IT-support/EHF-portal provider regarding any questions related to the input for the xml file.
      • PO must be listed in one of the five below formats:
        1. PO-xxxxxx
        2. SO-xxxxxx
        3. 42xxxxxxxx
        4. 45xxxxxxxx
        5. 47xxxxxxxx
  • PDF format
    • Invoices in PDF format to be sent to
    • There shall only be one invoice attached per mail
    • Invoice and attachments must be merged into one PDF file
    • Route to:

Accounts Payable
Postboks 480 Sentrum
4002 Stavanger

  • If the claim is transferred to a third party, any third party shall also follow these requirements


Credit note

  • Credit note must include a PO number issued by AkerBP
  • Should refer to the credited invoice
  • If the credit note is a partly credit only, it must also refer to the correct line item on PO
  • Reason for the credit should be included on invoice



  • Invoices shall only be issued with KID number if the vendor has a KID agreement with the bank
  • Credit notes not shall not be issued with a KID number

Point of contact – AP Team

All questions related to invoices should be sent to

Invoices that not adhere to the above requirements will be rejected.