Corporate assembly

The corporate assembly of Det norske was established in 2013. The corporate assembly consists of twelve members, whereof eight are elected by the general meeting and four by and from among the employees. The corporate assembly elects its own chair from among its members.

The duties of the corporate assembly

The corporate assembly elects the board of directors and the chair of the board. It shall also supervise the board and the CEO’s management of the company. Both the nomination committee and the members of the corporate assembly can nominate candidates for the board of directors.

At the proposal of the board of directors, the corporate assembly will make decisions on investments of considerable magnitude in relation to the company’s resources and on rationalisation or reorganisation of operations that will entail major changes in or reallocation of the workforce.

The corporate assembly shall issue an opinion to the general meeting as to whether the board of directors’ proposal for the income statement and balance sheet should be adopted. The corporate assembly may also make a statement to the general meeting regarding the board of directors’ declaration on the fixing of salaries and other remuneration to senior employees. The corporate assembly may adopt recommendations to the board of directors on any matter whatsoever.

The remuneration of members of the corporate assembly will be fixed by the general meeting.