”Mærsk Giant” on Location in PL 337

This article originates from the news archive of Det norske.

5. September 2007

The rig “Mærsk Giant” arrived on location 2 September and has now completed loading the required equipment. The well was spudded at 08:25 a.m. (CET) today.

The well will be drilled in sections; first vertically down to a depth of 1,150 meters, and then the inclination will be built up to approximately 30 degrees prior to penetrating the potential reservoir Storskrymten. If discoveries are made here, a new casing will be set before further drilling aimed at testing the last reservoir, Grytkollen, continues. If no discovery is made in Storskrymten, the drilling will continue directly down to Grytkollen, located at a depth of 3,300 meters. The duration of the drilling operation for testing of primary targets is estimated at 50 days, and the entire operation at 70 days.

When in progress, the Internet publication Nettavisen GEO365 will provide background information pertaining to the drilling operation.