New executive management team from Q4 2014

This article originates from the news archive of Det norske.

7. July 2014

Updated 16 October 2014.

The process of integrating Marathon Oil Norge and Det norske is proceeding and the majority of the new executive management team in Det norske has now been appointed. Eight of a total of eleven positions are appointed – four from Det norske and four from Marathon Oil Norge. The new positions will take effect with the closing of the sale.

The organizational change is announced a month after Det norske acquired Marathon Oil Norge and will take effect in the fourth quarter 2014. In the new management model, Chief Executive Officer Karl Johnny Hersvik, will lead a team of eleven Executive Vice Presidents

Three of the Executive Vice Presidents are yet to be appointed. Executive Vice President Corporate Development and Executive Vice President Projects will, in the interim period, be attended by others in the leadership team. Executive Vice President Communication will be announced shortly. Hersvik emphasizes that there is a priority to get these persons in place as soon as possible.

This is the executive management team
Karl Johnny Hersvik (42), Chief Executive Officer
Gro Gunleiksrud Haatvedt (56), Senior Vice President Exploration
Øyvind Bratsberg (55), Senior Vice President Technology and Field Development
Geir Solli (54), Senior Vice President Operations
Kjetil Ween (38), Senior Vice President Drilling and Wells
Elke Njaa (60), Senior Vice President Special Projects
Alexander Krane (38), Chief Financial Officer
Kjetil Kristiansen (45), Senior Vice President HR
Leif Gunnar Hestholm (45), Senior Vice President HES&Q
Rolf Jarle Brøske (34), Senior Vice President Communication

Presently vacant (acting leader in brackets)
Senior Vice President Corporate Development (Elke Njaa)
Senior Vice President Projects (Karl Johnny Hersvik)

Chief Executive Officer – Karl Johnny Hersvik (42)

Background: Hersvik has been CEO of Det norske since May 2014. He came from the position of head of research in Statoil. Before he started working for Statoil in 1998, he was a founding member of several IT companies. Karl Johnny HervikHe has held a number of specialist and executive positions in Norsk Hydro and StatoilHydro. Hersvik holds a number directorships, including as chair of the board of directors of OG21. He is also a member of several boards whose objective is to promote cooperation between industry and academia.

Education: Cand. scient (second cycle) degree in industrial mathematics from the University of Bergen.

Senior Vice President Exploration – Gro Gunleiksrud Haatvedt (56)
Areas of responsibility: licences, technical support, exploration 62 S, 62 N and new areas.
Gro Haatvedt_FPBackground: several positions with Norsk Hydro (head of geology, technology and competence). Responsible for business development in Iran, head of Oseberg, Exploration Manager Norwegian continental shelf. Comes from the position of exploration manager for the Norwegian continental shelf in Statoil ASA, where she also served as country manager in Libya.

Education: master’s degree in applied geophysics (University of Oslo)

Senior Vice President Technology and Field Development – Øyvind Bratsberg (55)
Areas of responsibility: technology, petroleum technology, technical support HSE, early-phase projects, concept development.
Øyvind Bratsberg_første oljeBackground: Øyvind Bratsberg started working for Det norske in 2008, moving from the position of Chief Operating Officer. He has 24 years’ experience from several companies in the areas of marketing, business development and operations. Before he started working for Det norske, he was responsible for early-phase field development on the Norwegian continental shelf in StatoilHydro.

Education: M.Sc. in mechanical engineering (NTH, now the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU)

Senior Vice President Operations  – Geir Solli (54)
Areas of responsibility: Alvheim, Ivar Aasen, Jette, IOR, operational support, non-operated assets
Geir SolliBackground: Geir Solli comes from the position of deputy CEO of Marathon Oil Norge. He has previously served as Operations Manager for the Alvheim asset, and Asset Manager for the Gulf of Mexico in that same company. He has also worked as project manager and offshore installation manager in BP.

Education: M.Sc. in electrical engineering (NTH, now the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU)

Senior Vice President Drilling and Wells  – Kjetil Ween (38)
Areas of responsibility: exploration drilling, Ivar Aasen, Alvheim, drilling engineering and planning
KJETIL WEENBackground: From previous employment with Marathon Oil Norge, Kjetil Ween has experience as drilling engineer on Alvheim and in Gulf of Mexico, and as Drilling Manager in Equatorial Guinea and Norway. He has also worked as drilling engineer in Schlumberger.

Education: Master of Business Administration and holds a B. Sc. in International Finance from Griffith University in Australia. Bachelor of Petroleum Technology, Stavanger University College.

Senior Vice President Special Projects – Elke Njå (60)
Areas of responsibility: the establishment of a marketing and trading organisation, other projects.
ELKE NJAABackground: Elke Njå comes from the position of Commercial Manager in Marathon Oil Norge. She has previously held various management positions in Statoil and worked as a geologist for the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate.

Education: Master’s degree in Geology, specialising in biostratigraphy, from the University of Tübingen in Germany. MBA in Strategy and Management from the Norwegian School of Management (BI) in Oslo.

Chief Financial Officer  – Alexander Krane (38)
Areas of responsibility: Investor relations, financing, legal, accounting and control, financial analyses.Alexander_Krane

Background: Krane continues in his position as CFO for Det norske. He has previously held the position of CFO in Aker ASA. He has also worked as a public accountant for KPMG, both in Norway and in the USA.

Education: Bachelor of Commerce degree (siviløkonom) from Bodø Graduate School of Business and an MBA from the Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen. Krane is also a State Authorised Public Accountant.

Senior Vice President Human Resources  (HR) – Kjetil Kristiansen (45)Areas of responsibility: Corporate HR function.

Kjetil Kristiansen2Background: Kjetil Kristiansen was most recently SVP for HR in Aker ASA, where he was involved in developing boards of directors and management teams in the Aker companies. He has also worked as HR Manager for Subsea in Aker Solutions.

Education: Degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Oslo. B. Sc. in Philosophy and History of Ideas.

Senior Vice President HSE&Q – Leif Gunnar Hestholm (45)
Areas of responsibility: responsible for corporate HSE and quality work.

LEIF GUNNAR HESTHOLMBackground: Leif Gunnar Hestholm comes from the position of HSE and Quality Manager in Marathon Oil Norge. He has experience from Kværner Engineering, Safetec (risk analyses and risk management), IRIS (management system and quality assurance), Philips and BP.

Education: Master’s degree in industrial mathematics from NTH, now the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU.

Senior Vice President Communication – Rolf Jarle Brøske (34)
Areas of responsibility: corporate communication function, public relations and contact with the authorities.

BrøskeBackground: Rolf Jarle Brøske comes from the position as Industrial Policy Director of Det norske. Previous professional experience includes a management position with Fokus Bank, and he has inter alia served as adviser to the former Minister of Industry Børge Brende and the Mayor of Trondheim.

Education: Studies in Political Science and History from University College in Molde and NTNU.

Senior Vice President Corporate Development – Elke Njå (acting)
Areas of responsibility
: business development, commercial responsibility, business management of supply chains, strategy.

Senior Vice President Projects – Karl Johnny Hersvik (acting)
Areas of responsibility: Ivar Aasen, Bøyla, Viper Kobra.

Bård Atle Hovd will continue as SVP for the Ivar Aasen development project.