Ivar Aasen development

Produsent: Headspin ProductionsLengde: 5:13 min

The Ivar Aasen field is Det norske’s first major development project as operator. The ivar aasen hovedlogo rgbfield development project is progressing according to schedule towards a planned start-up in the fourth quarter 2016.

Steel jacket in place

Produsent: News on Request Lengde: 2:14 min

The steel jacket to the Ivar Aasen platform was lifted in place early morning, 10 June 2015.

The SSCV Thialf lifted the steel jacket slowly down to the seabed at 112 meters depth.

Distribution of the values in Johan Sverdrup

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The negotiations concerning distribution of ownership interests in Johan Sverdrup have now entered a critical phase. Det norske oljeselskap is of the opinion that the values in the field should be distributed in an equitable manner.

Det norskes 2012

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Once upon a time...
A fairy-tale summary of Det norske's year 2012

Det norske - worldwide activities

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The oil adventure continues

Produsent: Headspin ProductionsLengde: 6.27 min

About the Norwegian oil adventure, and the road from the Norwegian authorities granting a license to the a decision on drilling a well. It includes offshore pictures from the drilling of the Skardkollen prospect in Q2 2010.

Jette development

Produsent: Headspin ProductionsLengde: 4.00 min

The Valhall Field

Produsent: BP NorgeLengde: 5.20 min

A movie about the development of the Valhall-field.

Valhall LoFS

Produsent: BP NorgeLengde: 4.14 min

Valhall - Life of Field Seismic

The Construction of Skarv

Produsent: News On RequestLengde: 3.44 min

A movie about the development of the Skarv field.

Skarv FPSO

Produsent: BP NorgeLengde: 3.15 min

The history of the Skarv FPSO.

Ula 1986 - 2011

Produsent: BP NorgeLengde: 4.47 min

The story of Ula.

Maestro – Kaizers Orchestra

Produsent: Headspin ProductionsLengde: 8.01 min

October 2nd 2010 Det norske arranged a free concert at "Torvet" in Trondheim. The headliner were Kaizers Orchestra. The band played in collaboration with Det norske and UNICEF to raise money for UNICEF's school project in Rwanda. 40.000 NOK were collected this night.

Det norske and emergency preparedness

Produsent: News On Request ASLengde: 5.52 min

How Det norske is organizing its work with emergency preparedness. Texted in English.


Produsent: Force Ten ProductionsLengde: 24.17 min

A film crew followed the drilling of the 400th exploration well on the Norwegian Continental Shelf - the Skardkollen prospect. 4 years of planning culminate in a 34 day drilling operation.