NOIL Energy ASA: Dry well in the North Sea

This article originates from the news archive of Det norske.

13. December 2007

Det norske oljeselskap ASA (“DETNOR”) announces today that Det norske’s  subsidiary, NOIL Energy ASA, has concluded drilling of appraisal well 24/12-5S in the North Sea.

Well 24/12-5S was drilled in Production License 341 to prove hydrocarbons in the Thorkildsen prospect in the Heimdal formation. The purpose of the well was to prove larger accumulations of hydrocarbons in the same formation as proven by well 24/12-3S in 1996.

16 meters of sandstone in the Heimdal formation over the oil/water contact was proven in well 24/12-3S, but no hydrocarbons. The well was drilled to a total depth of 2,214 meters in Paleocene rocks. The well is now being permanently plugged and abandoned. The well was drilled using the Bredford Dolphin drilling facility in 116 meters of water.

As for Det norske oljeselskap, all costs pertaining to this well have been paid by PA Resources as part of a farm-in agreement between PA Resources and NOIL Energy.

Thorkildsen was a prospect definitely worth drilling. The fact that the well proved dry demonstrates that the supply of oil in the Heimdal  sands in this area is difficult to predict, even here where we had evidence of oil merely 2.5 km from the prospect”, says Managing Director of NOIL Energy ASA, Tore Lilloe-Olsen.

The licensees in Production License 341 are:

  • NOIL Energy ASA (subsidiary of Det norske oljeselskap ASA, operator) 30%
  • Revus Energy ASA (30%)
  • Talisman Energy (30%)
  • PA Resources (10%)