Oil- and gas discovery confirmed

This article originates from the news archive of Det norske.

25. March 2010

Det norske is operator for license 001B in the North Sea, where well 16/1-11 now is beeing drilled to determine the size of the oil and gas discovery at Draupne (well 16/1-9, 2008).

The well has been drilled to planned total depth of 2,625 meters. A 57 meter Draupne - trykk for størrehydrocarbon column has been identified in the same reservoir interval as found in discovery well 16/1-9. The 16/1-9 well was drilled in the spring 2008. The appraisal well also found non movable oil in the deeper formations of Trassic age.

The license partners have decided to carry out a production test in the oil zone. This test is expected to take between two and three weeks to complete.
As the oil-water contact has not been identified, neither in the discovery well 16/1-9, nor in the current appraisal well 16/1-11, the license partners will consider a sidetrack to the current well.

Water depth in the area is 111 meters and the well is being drilled by semi submersible drilling rig Songa Delta. Det norske oljeselskap is operator in 001 B with a 35 percent ownership interest. Other partners include Statoil with 50 percent ownership interest and Bayerngas with 15 percent.

The Draupne discovery is now a part og Ivar Aasen development, read more here.

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