Opens Emergency Response Center

This article originates from the news archive of Det norske.

1. March 2010

Today (March 1) is the opening of the joint emergency response center for several companies on the Norwegian shelf. Det norske har vært pådriver for senteret der HMS direktør Anita Utseth er styreleder. Det norske has been the driving force for the center where the HSE director Anita Utseth is Chairman of the Board.

It’s been a long road up to the current opening at Forus. The idea of a joint emergency center for small operating companies was formed back in 2000 when the Norwegian continental shelf was opened up for several new operating companies. Operatørens forening for beredskap (OFFB) is the answer to the challenge.

CEO of Det norske, Erik Haugane, is very pleased that the center is now in operation.

“It’s been a long birth, but the process has been necessary and appropriate. On the Norwegian continental shelf, Statoil is the only company of a size that it makes sense with its own emergency response organization. The other, smaller operators should be able to cooperate and resolve this important task jointly. “

Haugane also argues for a rapid expansion of the center to have an around-the-clock staffing.

Resource Demanding

For the smaller companies on the Norwegian continental shelf, it is resource demanding to develop and maintain their own emergency response organization. OFFB shall hold all the necessary authorizations from the operator, managing 2nd line emergency response on behalf of the member companies. This way knowledge and experience is collected for a joint partnership to develop plans, organization and competence.

Det norske has the chair of OFFB, and Anita Utseth, VP HSE of Det norske, led the work on the establishment. ¨


OFFB at Aker Barents

In the photo are the ten permanent employees in the organization, at Det norskes drilling rig Aker Barents for inspection.

Having a proper emergency preparedness and adequate resources to have an around-the-clock emergency response of good quality is resource demanding for small operating companies. Traditionally, it has been resolved by using own personnel, who in addition to their regular jobs, have had critical emergency functions.

After a preliminary study in 2008 with participation from all 27 companies, a steering committee was set down with the goal to establish OFFB, using the model of Statoils emergency response center at Sandsli. Norwegian Oil Industry Association (OLF) has played a key role in this work.

The purpose of the emergency response center is to manage and maintain 2nd line emergency response on behalf of member companies in connection with their exploration and production of oil and gas. The main tasks are to respond to incidents which affect people, environment or equipment.

OFFB is created as a non-profit organization that seeks to be an integrated part of the member’s emergency organization. Members so far, seven companies with operations on the Norwegian continental shelf; Centrica, Wintershall, OMV, EonRuhrgas, Discover, Bridge Energy and Det norske.

The first operation that OFFB will be responsible for2nd line emergency response is drilling the Fogelberg prospect in PL 433 in the Norwegian Sea where Certrica is the operator. The first Det norske well OFFB will have 2nd line emergency response for, is the operation on Stirby in PL341 which is scheduled for May 2010.

Det norske, former Pertra, identified the need for cooperation on an emergency center already in 2002 when the company operated the production on the Varg field.

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