Johan Sverdrup

The giant Johan Sverdrup project at Utsira High, will be a major contributor to Aker BP and the Norwegian society, with a planned lifetime of 50 years. The project is progressing according to plan towards phase 1 start-up in the fourth quarter in 2019.


Johan Sverdrup is located in the North Sea, 155 kilometres west of Karmøy. Water depth in the area is 110-120 metres. The discovery covers an area of about 200 square kilometres.

The Johan Sverdrup field contains between 2.0 and 3.0 billion recoverable barrels of oil equivalents and will at peak production account for around 40% of all Norwegian oil production. This will generate large values to Aker BP from the day production on the field commences.

The plan is to develop the field in two phases. Phase 1 consists of a field centre with four fixed platforms, three subsea templates, oil and gas export pipelines, power from shore, and 36 production- and injection wells. The majority of the phase 1 contracts have been awarded, with a solid footprint in Norway and the Norwegian supplier industry. Engineering and construction is ongoing on no less than 22 sites.

The full field development (phase 2) is also progressing according to plan and will increase the production capacity to 660 mbopd with a 5th platform in the field centre and increased power from shore capacity.

The increased power capacity will also supply the surrounding fields at Utsira high: Ivar Aasen, Edvard Grieg and Gina Krog. The full field development is planned to be completed by Q4 2022.


PL265, PL501, PL501B, PL502

Aker BP Working Interest:



Equinor Energy AS (Operator), Lundin Norway AS, Petoro AS, Total E&P Norge AS



License period:


Production start:

Phase 1 planned for Q4, 2019

End 2016 2P reserves (net):

300 mmboe

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