Enoch is an oil field located in the middle part of the North Sea, on the border between the Norwegian and UK continental shelf. Production started in 2007, but it is planned to cease production from the field by the end of 2016.

The reservoir is located at a depth of 2,100 metres. The field is developed with a subsea well tied to the British Brae field. The oil is processed on Brae A and exported through the Forties pipeline system to the UK.

The Enoch field is unitised. The Norwegian section constitutes 20 percent, the UK section 80 percent. Of the 20 percent located on the Norwegian shelf, Aker BP holds a 10 percent interest, corresponding to 2 percent of the unitised field.

License partners in Enoch:
Talisman Sinopec North Sea Limited (24.0%)
Dana Petroleum (BVUK) Limited (20.8%)
First Oil Expro Limited (14.0%)
Faroe Petroleum (ROGB) Limited (12.0%)
Statoil Petroleum AS (11.78%)
Endeavour Energy (UK) Limited (8.0%)
CapeOmega AS (4.36%)
Aker BP ASA (2.00%)
Faroe Petroleum Norge AS (1.86%)
Talisman Sinopec LNS Limited (1.2%)