Pertra Applies for new licenses on the Norwegian Shelf

This article originates from the news archive of Det norske.

30. September 2005

Pertra`s Exploration Manager, Tom Bugge, handed Pertra`s application for the APA 2005 Round to the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy at 10.30 today. Pertra is applying for licenses both in the Norwegian Sea and in the North Sea. All applications are in cooperation with other oil companies. Pertra is applying both as operator and as partner.

Tom Bugge

The applications are a result of an integrated effort from Pertra and our oil company partners, as well as from several consultants, including Sintef. “We are very excited about the prospects we are pursuing in this license application”, says Tom Bugge (picture). “Our applications demonstrate that there are several interesting prospects for oil which the smaller oil companies find attractive”.

It is expected that the government will announce the awards early in December.