Pertra discovered oil in Storskrymten

This article originates from the news archive of Det norske.

28. September 2007

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate has announced that Pertra ASA, Operator of  Production License 337, has discovered oil in Paleocene sands in wildcat well  15/12-18S. The discovery is located 16 km north-west of the Varg Field.

One purpose of the well was to prove hydrocarbons in Paleocene sandstones in a prospect named “Storskrymten”. The well proved oil in parts of 36 meter thick sandstones of the TY Formation at a depth of 2,550 meters. The reservoir section will be sampled and evaluated before a decision to drill a side-track is made.After having collected the necessary samples, the Operator will continue to drill in order to test the potential of another prospect at 3,300 meters, called “Grytkollen”.

“Making a discovery in our first exploration well is a good credit to our exploration staff and very exciting,” states CEO Erik Haugane. “We will now investigate if the volumes are sufficient for a commercial development. The discovery is very promising for the other Paleocene prospects mapped in this area, including the Pertra-operated PL 408 just north of this discovery.”

This is the first exploration well in Production License 337.  The license was awarded in APA 2004. The well is being drilled by the jack-up drilling rig “Mærsk Giant”.Giant og Guardian 011

The licensees in Production License 337 are:

  • Pertra (Operator) 45%
  • Dana Petroleum 25%
  • Revus Energy 20%
  • Bridge Energy 10%