Pre-departure requirements

Required health and safety training before going offshore

For whom do these requirements apply? The requirements’ applicability depends on whether you are an offshore worker or visiting personnel.

Offshore personnel are defined as: “All personnel who are to carry out work in connection with the installation, operation, maintenance and dismantling of facilities, and personnel on board vessels used for this. Personnel from public authorities and other personnel performing auditing and consultation tasks offshore.”

Visiting personnel: “All personnel who are not offshore workers and whose offshore visits have been approved in advance by the operating company.” By default, all personnel are defined as “offshore workers”. Personnel defined as “visitors” will have special roles (e.g. politicians, actors, etc).

Aker BP’s «Et SAFER utreisekurs»

If you travel offshore post March 1st 2019, you need to have completed ONE of the following e-learning module “Et SAFER utreisekurs” found in Mintra Trainingportal. Each module has a duration less than 45 minutes.  It’s a module tailored to fit five different disciplines – and you should only take ONE of the five modules:

  • “Operations and Maintenance”
  • “Project and Modifications”
  • “Drilling and Wells”
  • “Scaffolding, painting and surface treatment” (ISO)
  • “Catering Services”

If you are not sure which of the modules you should take, you should select the module covering “Operations and Maintenance”.

«Et SAFER utreisekurs» trailer:


Offshore health certificate

Everyone going offshore, both offshore workers and visiting personnel, must have an approved health certificate. Offshore health certificates are valid for two years.

Basic safety and emergency preparedness course

This course is mandatory for all offshore working personnel. Refresher courses every four years.

Although the course is not mandatory for visiting personnel, all Aker BP employees who go offshore on a regular basis are expected to take the course which covers areas such as first-aid, fire fighting, helicopter evacuation and marine rescue operations.

Together for Safety – an SJA and WP course

This is an interactive PC course developed by Together for Safety. The course is mandatory for all offshore working personnel. It is a 3-hour once-off course that must be completed by staff before going offshore. It covers procedures for work permits (WPs) and safe job analyses (SJAs).

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