Restructuring of ownership in Pertra ASA

This article originates from the news archive of Det norske.

9. May 2006

Until recently, Pertra Management AS and Petro Midt-Norge AS owned 72 % of the shares in Pertra ASA. These two companies have now been formally dissolved, and their interests have been distributed to the respective owners.

Thus, the blocks in the company have now been dissolved. The Shareholder’s Agreements, which regulated the composition of the Board of Directors with regard to Pertra Management AS and Petro Midt-Norge AS, have also been discontinued.

The intention of this restructuring was to provide the owners with more direct influence where the company’s various bodies and the shareholders’ own interests are concerned. The fact that the shares have been distributed in this manner may also lead to increased interest in Pertra shares, which is a prerequisite for the planned IPO.

The 20 largest shareholders:

Credit Suisse First Boston

10,44 %

Kørven AS

8,07 %

Oleum AS

4,84 %

Skjækerhatten AS

4,84 %

Vilje2m AS

4,84 %

Bear Stearns Securities

4,72 %

Vinn Innvest AS

4,41 %

Månemelk AS

3,54 %

Danske Bank

3,34 %

Bernhard Brekke AS

2,85 %

Dammåsen AS (Roll-Severin)

2,85 %

Jenssen&Co AS

2,85 %

Kjeldsberg Eiendom AS

2,85 %

Ivar Koteng

2,85 %

Sparebanken Midt-Norge

2,85 %

Staur Holding AS

2,85 %

Taubåtkompaniet AS

2,85 %

Uniqum A/S

2,85 %

Heglund Holding AS

2,14 %

Grendahl Holding AS  2,00 %