Solid production from Atla

This article originates from the news archive of Det norske.

10. December 2012

The new field Atla, which started production October 7, continues to produce better than expected. In November, Det norske’s 10 percent interest in the field gave a production of 2,298 barrels of oil per day. By this, Atla accounts for two thirds of Det norske’s production.

Det norske’s total production in November was 88,611 barrels of oil equivalents. Up 5,460 barrels in October. This gave an average daily production of 2,954 barrels of oil.

In November, Det norske had production on four fields, Varg (5 percent), Glitne (10 percent), Jotun (7 percent) and Atla (10 percent). Enoch is still out of production due to trouble with PMV (Production Master Valve) and PWV (Production Wing Valve). Det norske is expecting Enoch to be back in production in 2013/2014. Production on Varg went down in November due to sand production. Sand filter removal and rinse halted production for two days. Both Jotun and Glite had a stabile production in November, producing respectively 227 and 76 barrels of oil per day.

Oil production latest 12 months:

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