Update on the Gohta 2 well

This article originates from the news archive of Det norske.

21. July 2014

Det norske oljeselskap ASA announces that the Gohta-2 appraisal well in PL492 is about to be completed. The well confirmed presence of oil and gas and two production tests were undertaken. The test of the gas zone was successful, whereas the test in the oil zone was inconclusive.

The appraisal well 7120/1-4S was drilled from the rig Island Innovator in 332 meters of water depth in the Gohta structure in the Barents Sea, 5.3 kilometers north-west from the discovery well 7120/1-3 that was drilled in 2013, and proved an estimated 111-232 million barrels of oil equivalents in contingent resources.

The objective of well 7120/1-4 S was to confirm the extent of the reservoir and reservoir properties in Permian carbonates, in addition to establishing oil-water and oil-gas contacts in western part of the structure. Extensive data sampling was carried out in the reservoir, including coring and fluid sampling.

Well 7120/1-4 S encountered 10 metrs carbonate conglomerate in the upper part of the Permian succession with good reservoir quality, overlying fractured carbonates with limited reservoir quality. The conglomerate zone contains gas condensate, whereas the dense carbonate succession has oil shows. Two production tests were performed to further assess reservoir quality and permeability. The test in the oil zone was inconclusive due to seal issues, and produced 170,000 Sm3 gas/day from the overlying succession. The test in the gas condensate zone produced 700,000 Sm3 gas and 140 Sm3 oil per day.

Det norske holds a 40 percent interest in the licence. Other partners in the license are Lundin Norway AS (40 per cent and operator) and Noreco (20 per cent).