Graduates 2019:

Digital translators

We are hiring digital translators to work in our digitalization program.


You are a graduate who sees the immerse potential in linking the physical world and the digital world. You are passionate about using data and software technology to optimize the way we operate the physical world around us. You are fascinated by big data, and big physics – heavy powerful machinery,  massive constructions, and harsh conditions! You have an analytical mind and have typically studied engineering, mathematics, physics or information technology and want to apply your knowledge to digitalize the physical world! As a person you are always looking for possible improvements and enjoy a good challenge. You are not afraid to test, fail and learn.

What you will do

You will work in Eureka – Aker BP’s digital lab. In Eureka, we have “crews” with fulltime dedicated domain experts from Aker BP and IT experts from our partner Cognite or other technology partners. Each crew is working to solve a specific challenge by developing digital solutions in 16-week-sprints, testing with customers in the organization every two weeks. Your role will be in a crew. Typically, this means that you will be a translator between the Aker BP engineers and our technology partners. Together with the crew you will do what it takes to solve the challenge. Like you, we are a start-up!