Valhall Area

Bringing Valhall Flank West on stream is an important step towards achieving Aker BP’s ambition of another billion barrels from Valhall. A transformation is underway, as we remove old platforms from the field center, invest in new wells, plug old wells and actively seek new business opportunities.

Unlocking the potential of Valhall

Removal of topsides, a technological world’s first and Valhall Flank West on stream. It has been an eventful year, and the modernization of Valhall has only just begun.

2019 started off with three simultaneous drilling operations on Valhall and Hod, which gave a good indication of the activity level for the year. Extensive planning and project management in the first half of the year culminated in the safe removal of QP, the original accommodation platform at Valhall. This was the first of the original structures at Valhall to be removed as part of the modernization of the Valhall field center.

Another major project this year was planning and execution of a turnaround. Inspections, upgrades and structural mainte-nance and modifications were carried out during the 34-day shutdown.

Full Wi-Fi coverage was installed at the Valhall field center in 2019 and handheld units are now used by operators to increase efficiency. New areas of use are constantly being discovered, and continuous development is done in the digi-talization process.

2019 was an important step into a new chapter of the Valhall story. We introduced new technology within well stimulation, further developed the field through Flank West and finally started the decommissioning of old facilities by removing the old quarters platform.

Per Mikal Hauge
VP Valhall Operations
and Asset Development


The Valhall Flank West jacket was installed on the field in May 2019 and the topsides followed the next month. The topside module was installed just 14 months after the first steel was cut at Kværner’s yard in Verdal.

Valhall Flank West is a wellhead platform that will normally be unmanned. It receives power from shore via the Valhall field centre, in line with Aker BP’s strategy of minimising its CO2 emissions from operations.

Production 2019

m b o e p d (net)

Production Efficiency

82 %
Production start: Valhall 1982, HOD 1990


Valhall Flank West is a benchmark for good project execution. Reorganization of the value chain through strategic partner-ships and alliances is an important part of Aker BP’s strategy. Four alliances contributed to the project and demonstrated a reduced number of engineering hours, reduced costs and reduced construction time compared with similar projects. And most importantly, the work was performed without any serious harm to people or the environment.

Production from Valhall Flank West started in December. The rest of the planned wells will be put on stream as they are completed, and work continues to further increase the value of the field.


In November, Aker BP became the first company ever to suc-cessfully use a new well stimulation method offshore on the G10 well on Valhall. The Single-Trip Multi-Frac method had previously only been used onshore, and several challenges had to be solved to apply it in North Sea conditions.

While the traditional method takes two to three days to stimu-late one zone of the reservoir, Aker BP can now do two zones in a day, making only one trip down into the reservoir with the coiled tubing. This method was also successfully applied on the first well on Valhall Flank West. Single-Trip Multi-Frac significantly reduces the cost of the well because less time is needed for use of vessels and equipment.

Another method, Fishbones Stimulation Technology, was also successfully applied for the first time on Valhall. These new technologies are vital elements in the strategy to increase drainage from tight reservoirs in the Valhall area.

Highlights from 2019

  • 15 January

    Three simultaneous drilling operations on Valhall and Hod

  • 7 May

    Valhall Flank West jacket installed

  • 14 June

    Valhall QP topsides is safely removed, as part of the modernisation of the
    Valhall Field Centre

  • 22 June

    The Valhall Flank West topsides is installed, just 14 months after the first steel was cut at Kværner’s yard in Verdal

  • 20 June

    Successful «Walk to work» campaign. The first stage of the hook-up phase on Valhall Flank West was carried out with a personnel gangway from a vessel to the unmanned platform

  • November

    World’s first: Single-Trip Multi-Frac used to stimulate well

  • 16 December

    Valhall Flank West starts production.